Action needs Energy – healthy nutrition in the office and the field service


1-day-seminar 09:00 to 16:00

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by arrangement
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Target of the synergy - workshops

Food – remedy for life – leads more and more to illnesses.
Shortage of time, pressure and stress are daily routine in the office.
stress affect your appetite – don´t go along with this! Help your stomach!

Recognize what you eat! Only with optimum „fuel“ the body can run permanently, fault-free and failure-free. Learn to create your own healthy nutritional plan and to find out your ideal nutritional preparation for meetings.
In order for the body to get the optimal „fuel“ at the right time, it is important to pay attention to the internal clock and to regard it.

These points combined with movement are the power formula for successful actions!

In this seminar you will learn how to develop your own power formula. In a refreshing combination of exercises and nutrition you get the necessary knowledge to optimize your fitness, your performance and your health!



  • Is there a jeans in your sausage? Is your yoghurt also produced with hydrochloric acid? – Exploitation and manipulation of the food laws!
  • Actimel + Activia – just a marketing idea? – Deception of the food industry
  • Over 80% of your body is made up of water – what do you drink?
  • Sweet, sour, spicy – develop your own healthy nutritional plan
  • Ideal nutritional preparation for meetings
  • The field service – dynamic, active and relaxed on the road – the roadhouse-snack in the hand luggage: fresh, light, energetic.
  • Long-distance driving – maximum energy and optimum success at the customer meeting
  • Your inner clock – the optimal „fuel“ at the right time
  • Get out what’s inside! – the best wood provoke grime in the oven when it has too little oxygen. – Breaks and the energetic restart afterwards
  • Keep on moving! – Movement invigorates body and mind.
  • Flu, cold and sore throat goodbye! – Strengthen your defenses

Target group

Executives, customer events, employees, version for students and trainees on request


The seminar includes seminar papers, a certificate of participation and the book “Zeitkompetenz für Beruf und Alltag”. During the seminar we spoil you with cold and warm refreshments, fresh fruit and pastries. You have time for deepening discussions with the seminar management during the lunch break.

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Christian Schwarz Dipl.- Ing. (FH) speaker, author, business coach


Josef Holzheu-Riedel pharmacist, nutritionist and health promoter, coach