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Turn your Vision into Profit

Every lasting success comes from synergies!! How?

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Meet Christian Georg Schwarz!


His motto “When they said sit down, I stood up” stands for going your own individual path, finding solutions and realizing visions – even on things where others claim that there is no possibility.

1998 Christian Georg founded, as a freshly trained and graduated construction engineer, his own construction management company – despite all gloomy prediction.
Next to the management work Christian Georg Schwarz assembled consultation and lecture services.

After 12 years of work in the construction management company he sold it – in order to focus even more on the sector consultation and lecture services.

He built up his new service “Engineered Success – Turn your vision into profit”.

For closing the gap between plans and results Christian Georg Schwarz presents a down-to-ground, but also a creative system that will help you, step by step, to turn your visions promptly into profit.

Whether you define your “profit” as money, health, joy or the sum of it altogether and regardless of what challenges you meet in your professional or private life. Because for long lasting success you have to bring your professional and private skills into synergy.

His professional expertise is optimized by a considerable amount of national and international training, inter alia by JT Foxx and Tony Robbins so that he perfectly knows how to bring synergy into innovation, efficiency and leadership.
The impressions and lectures Christian Georg Schwarz could gather on 30 individual tours, as well as the experiences as a father of three children serve next to his professional expertise, as an inspiring source for his work.

Make your own experience to turn your vision into profit and meet Christian Georg Schwarz in a workshop, as keynote speaker or coach.



Less stress – more profit

Gain more time, outstanding revenue and stronger relationships.


Customizable packages to suit your business needs.


Talented coaching providing supplementary guidance through high performance keynotes and seminars.

Your Guided Way

Keep in touch on a regular basis with one on one phone and workbook coaching.


“We organized three events with Mr. Schwarz, the feedback was very good. We could absolutely rely on him in the preparation and the performance was outstanding. We will certainly book him again.” Alexandra Kroh, Human Resources Development HTI Gienger KG
“Despite the growing number of customers and many new processes, I find more and more time for myself and my family thanks to clear goals and structured implementation.” Josef Holzheu-Riedel, Owner Nuritect GmbH
“Just my time savings through anticipatory action-planning exceeds the value of the investment multiple times.” Peter Rischer Owner Erdmann Leather Clothing
“Your presentation was very concise, the best I’ve heard about this subjet lately: You put the complex relationship between Time & Stress Management simply stringent in a nutshell.” Silvia Biagioli editorial journalist WEKA MEDIA GmbH

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