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Innovation, Efficiency and Leadership - lasting Success comes from Synergy

  • How you can turn your vision of money, health, time and relationships into profit and live it already today
  • Develop your „WHY“! Define clear goals, protect yourself from distractions and generate the energy that you need to succeed
  • Find in the digital age the synergies between innovation, efficiency and leadership and secure the future of your company for generations 

Leader of tomorrow! Leadership skills for the globalized world

  • Gain enthusiastic performers who see their future in your company
  • Ensure your corporate success through responsibility, innovation and sustainable action
  • Appreciation as a basis for a future-oriented corporate culture

"STOP - the business runs you!" Are you still working or do you already lead?

  • Gain the freedom to find the time for ultimate innovations, to set efficient impulses and to decide with foresight
  • Learn how to track down your individual distractions and keep them to a minimum
  • Give yourself and your employees at least 50% fewer meetings and 100% more efficiency!
„We organized three events with Mr. Schwarz, the feedback was very good. We could absolutely rely on him in the preparation and the performance was outstanding. We will certainly book him again.“ Alexandra Kroh, Human Resources Development HTI Gienger KG
„Despite the growing number of customers and many new processes, I find more and more time for myself and my family thanks to clear goals and structured implementation.“ Josef Holzheu-Riedel, Owner Nuritect GmbH
„Just my time savings through anticipatory action-planning exceeds the value of the investment multiple times.“ Peter Rischer Owner Erdmann Leather Clothing
„Your presentation was very concise, the best I’ve heard about this subjet lately: You put the complex relationship between Time & Stress Management simply stringent in a nutshell.“ Silvia Biagioli editorial journalist WEKA MEDIA GmbH

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The speeches last between 45 and 90 minutes and give mostly unknown perspectives and valuable impulses to master successfully the new challenges of our time and to profit out of them.

The speeches network interdisciplinary and after the lecture you know exactly where you and your company should put more or less emphasis on in the future. And above all, you will learn WHY this is so important! WHY inhere sustainability!

For all those who are interested in achieving more profit efficiently, competently and by fair means, this hour will be an eye-opener. You will learn what very few are aware of: To link your own abilities, to create synergies and to develop your energy completely with full effect is fundamentaly important and does not require any extra effort!

Firm speeches getting to the point, illuminating the background and digging out the hidden gold nuggets for your success.
Oh yes, the prices: Are impertinently valuable, you win in any case.